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Vertical Jump Development Bible

NOTE: If you’re a basketball player or volleyball player who wants to increase their vertical but not get bulky we recommend looking at the Jump Manual or the Vert Shock system. We also recommend it to those who don’t want to use a weight lifting intensive program to increase their vertical leap, or don’t have access to gym equipment.

This program works but is focused on using weight training to reach its goal. This may make you end up being too bulky. 


I have been obsessed with players who could jump really high and while I’ve watched in awe as I see them on the TV screen or playing live, it took me a while before deciding to take action. This is my very own Vertical Jump Bible review where I step back and look at the false starts I did in my search for jumping higher. And what finally did help me.

In Search of a Higher Vertical Leap

The problem with me back then was that I always thought that it was a natural given ability. There were a lot of kids in my school who could really jump and they would always tell them that it was natural. I guess I was naïve enough to believe them back then.

But after a few years I did notice some people mentioning some training programs that help your vertical leap. As you’d expect I did go out and try them. Two of the named ones that I tried were Air Alert and Michael Jordan’s Jump Attack. These were well advertised and more prominent so I thought they were really effective which is why they showed up a lot. Unfortunately these didn’t work too well for me. Air Alert did work a bit though it was a bit disappointing based on what was being advertised. The weird thing was after a month or two after the program I started losing whatever I gained till I was just slightly up from my previous vertical jump. Maybe the program was just based on improving muscle memory or something.

Getting Results

I did go through a number of other programs. They were all different and used various methods. What finally did it for me was Kelly Baggett’s Vertical Jump Bible. This is a longer program than some of the others and one of the main differences I saw was that it focused on making your a bigger, stronger athlete overall and this will let you increase your vertical jumping ability.

I was instantly attracted to the idea because I played other sports. So running faster and being stronger overall made sense to me and was useful for me.

With Kelly Baggett’s program I gained a total of 7.25 inches in my vertical leap. A big chunk of that came in the first 5 weeks where I improved by over 5 inches. The latter few weeks got a bit less results but still had improvements. I’m not exactly sure why the last part had less gains, but I may have slacked a bit or gotten over confident after the quick gains. I can’t tell for sure.

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What’s the Vertical Jump Bible About?

With this jump training program, the main focus is building strength in the lower body. The main source of this power will be coming from weight training. This is where the program differs from the others, it is a lot more scientific.

Vertical Jump BibleResearch Based

The entire book is very long, and it is packed with scientific research and explanations. There is data for each of the aspects, and the author scrutinizes every factor related to jumping. These include the form, the training, how different body structures can affect your potential, what race has to do with it, and the way you jump whether it’s with one or two legs. Everything is taken into consideration. And if you want to know everything about the science of jumping, this is a great read.

Kelly Baggett is first and foremost a performance coach. He helps athletes improve their performance. Speed and jumping ability are his specialties. So as you’d expect there is a more wholistic approach to his training that just developing the jump. And in the end you get in better physical shape and stronger overall, along with the added inches in your leaping ability.

Weight Training

As mentioned above, the focus of the training is on weights. However it does include two programs, one if you have access to the gym, another if you don’t. So, either way you can use it. It also includes custom programs for your fitness level. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced training program, each designed for the level you currently are at.

The program splits the training to weights and plyometrics. The weight training primarily focuses on building your squat. The science is the higher the amount you can squat relative to your body weight, the higher you’ll be able to jump. This makes sense since you’re using your leg power to push your weight up when you jump. The bonus of this is by increasing the weights you lift you get more muscular and lose fat. I can tell you I looked a lot better in the mirror after the program that I ever did before!

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My Vertical Jump Bible review just goes to show that like most things in life, you need to find the right thing to use to get results. I went through a lot of testing to fight the right method that will help me jump higher and after looking for a long time finally got results.

It isn’t the easiest program specially if you hate going to the gym and can’t keep to your training schedule. There is a lot of discipline needed to stay diligent. You need to do the exercises properly and not miss training days to get results. Of course, this isn’t the only way out there and there are many other methods that work.

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