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One of the best things about exercise is there are so many ways you can go about it that if one method or way isn’t available or does not work for you then you can try another. For those who don’t have time to go to the gym or want to pay the gym membership fees, Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution training program is something you may want to give a try.

Unlike your regular training program that requires weights, the Suspension Revolution system makes use of suspension trainers or straps. In doing so you can do the exercises at home or anywhere you can anchor the straps to a solid foundation.

Our Suspension Revolution review takes a more detailed look at this weight loss training program that focused on your core.

What is the Suspension Revolution Program

This is a strength and weight loss resistance training program the incorporates the use of one’s own bodyweight and suspension straps. The system was developed by Dan Long who’s a fitness expert and coach.

He developed the system as a way to workout out with less strain on one’s back. It also promotes better flexibility, which unlike weights can leave you looking stiff. With this type of training you are able to work all 600 muscles of the body.

The program itself makes use of a combination of resistance training to help you get stronger and build lean muscle, along with interval training that is designed to burn fat. Together you alternate the days between these exercises to get a more flexible, lean body with less fat.

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Understanding Suspension Training

Suspension Training

The program is based on the use of suspension straps. These are workout straps that resemble the rings apparatus gymnasts use in the Olympics, except their suspended much closer to the ground. In suspension training you anchor one end of the straps to a solid foundation like a door, wall or pillar. Then use the other ends of the straps with your hands or your legs depending on which part of the body you want to train.

Suspension training was developed by military personnel as a way to stay in shaped when they were deployed in the field. This allowed they to stay lean and strong when gyms weren’t available.

The advantage of suspension trainers over weights is you can use them anywhere, including inside your room or outside your home. You also make use of your own bodyweight.

The Training Program – A Closer Look

The Suspension Revolution 2.0 program is designed as a 20 week long training program for lean muscle and weight loss. While the entire program lasts for the 20 weeks, you don’t need to do all 20 weeks if you’re looking for shorter term training routines.

Suspension Revolution Pack

The entire 20 weeks of the program is divided into 3 different smaller programs. These are for beginner s which lasts for 4 weeks, an intermediate which is also 4 weeks long and the advanced training which goes for 12 weeks. As such you can do one level at a time for shorter durations if you wish.

  1. Beginner Training Program (4 weeks) – this is where you start. It introduces you to the suspension training equipment and how to use it. Here, the basics are taught and you acclimate your body’s muscles to the different exercises. When you’re starting our you will be introduced to muscles you didn’t know you had. The different angles and workouts help you build a foundation for the next levels. It book also introduces you to the two systems used in the program which are resistance training and interval training.
  2. Intermediate Training Program (4 weeks) – the exercises here are a bit more complicated compared to those in the beginner module. They require more balance and muscle activation. Throughout the intermediate module you go through progressive development getting you stronger and leaner in the process.
  3. 12 Week Advanced Training Program – in this module, the two main goals are to burn fat for fat loss and also sculpt muscle. You’ll be using some more advanced techniques to do so. All together there are close to 200 different exercises included in the books and pdfs included in the entire program package.

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Extra Books Included

Strap Finishers – this is the most important of all the bonus materials. Strap finishing exercises as Dan Long calls them are exercises you do at the end of sets for emphasis and to give you set that finishing kick for extra effect.

The other added bonus materials included are the following:

  1. Core Blasting Accelerators
  2. Steel Pumping Power Sets
  3. 10 Suspension Exercises No One Else Does Video

Our Suspension Revolution Review

What We Aren’t Fans Of

  • We would have liked to get more information and explanations on why the exercises are done. The step by step instructions are clear and images show you what to do though. Understanding the why’s would be a great addition.
  • Dan’s enthusiasm. This is probably just me. But Dan seems a bit way over-hyped for my taste. I know it’s just a matter of preference and some would prefer him going that way for motivation. Again, just me.

What We Like About the Program

  • Very good weight loss results. The mix of circuit training along with resistance training really boosts the rate of weight loss. Plus you get really great abs without really focusing on working on the ab region directly.
  • No need for weights, can do it anywhere, even at home. While you need to purchase suspension trainers, they are much cheaper than weights. You can fit them in your bag and train anywhere, whether at home or at the local park.
  • Designed for flexibility not stiffness. Training this way results in a lean, muscular physique that isn’t bulky or heavy. It is also easy on the back and gives you excellent core strength and flexibility.
  • Different training compared to most training programs. If you don’t like using weights all the time and want something for a change, using this method is an excellent alternative that delivers good results.
  • Easy to follow. The way the program is shown makes it easy to follow. The exercises are shown clearly step by step and instructions are included making them easy to perform.


For those looking to lose weight, look lean and muscular without the bulk, this is a great program to use for that purpose. It is simple to follow and builds you up from the very beginning until you get to the advanced level. Remember, as much as this is a resistance and weight loss training program, you’ll have to do your part in doing the workouts as prescribed. Just as important is eating properly. Doing the workouts but eating junk food all day or eating everything in sight won’t get you the results you’re looking for.

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