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Michael Jordan Slam DunkThanks to YouTube and the NBA, everybody has seen Michael Jordan and Lebron James dominating slam dunk contents they competed in. Better yet, they were able to do the awesome dunks in game. This Jump Manual review is a look at my results and experiences in my journey to improve my vertical jump.


My Failed Attempts

Over the last few years, I’ve been experimenting about different ways to improve my vertical leap. I wasn’t always blessed with the gift of height so unlike the taller, longer guys, I knew that the only I would be able to dunk was to jump higher. Also being able to do so would definitely improve my game.

When I started I tried a lot of suggestions by friends and those on the internet. I can tell you now that a lot of this is a waste of time and I would recommend you not to do this. I spent like 2 years that didn’t really amount to much. Maybe an increase of 2 or 3 inches, and that may be stretching it.

After trying a bunch of ‘tips’ I got from others, I decided to get it right from people who knew. I did spend time on a program that promoted doing hundreds of jumps. This did help a bit but again not by much. To be honest, the amount of work and jumping wasn’t worth it.

You can imagine how frustrated I was after that point and it took a good few months of speaking to people before I bumped into an old friend I met at basketball camp a few years back. He was jumping out of the gym and told me that what helped him most was the Jump Manual. At that point, I was desperate, and my friend was living proof so I thought to myself, let’s give that a try.


My Jump Manual Results

This is an entire program that includes a 12 week training routine. The routine includes strength training and plyometrics as their main exercises. The entire program lasts for 12 weeks, but is actually made up of a 2 week training routine. You will then repeat this 2 week regimen for 6 times. This makes up the 12 weeks total. Each time you repeat you’ll be increasing the intensity and load. So you have progressive loading. This way your gains and results improve and you’re not just doing things over and over again.

The best advice my friend told me was to follow the book as it was written. Don’t get smart and try to add or mix other things into the exercises. “You’re not smarter than the expert”.

And I’m glad I didn’t. In the 12 weeks, I finally got results. In total, my vertical jump improved 7 inches. I remember Jacob Hiller, the author of the book, mentioning that some gain 1 inch a week. But I was happy.

Another thing I realized from my experience is that the gains don’t come evenly. They come in spurts and you don’t know when. My first gains were at the end of week 1. Then none for like 2 weeks then another improvement. So you have to keep doing it and complete the entire 12 weeks.

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What Made the Difference?

As much as I’d like to be able to tell you why this worked and why my previous efforts failed, I only have some of the answers and I think Jacob Hiller, the Jump Manual’s creator says it better in this explanation.


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An Overview and Review of the Program

Jump ManualIn this section of the review I look at the parts of the book and offer my experiences for each one. When I can I’ll try to point out the things you shouldn’t skip over or would want to pay attention to because they did make a difference for me.


The Jump Manual book

This ebook is where almost everything is. It is made up of 10 chapters that cover everything from explaining things all the way to how to workout and eat. The way things were written out and explained opened my eyes that increasing one’s ability to jump wasn’t just purely jumping. It took a wholistic approach. This meant I had to eat right, sleep right, and do the exercises. Overall discipline was needed to get any results.

The first few chapters explain the science of increasing your vertical and explosiveness. It then moves on to proper nutrition and getting enough rest. This is very important, don’t skip this section and think it is all about the exercises so I’ll jump to those. I was lucky my friend told me this beforehand otherwise I may have not gotten the results I did. Here I understood that the gains on your vertical leap increases when you’re away from training. So you need to get proper nutrition and rest for your muscles to recover properly.

The middle to end cover the exercises and workouts for jumping higher. It covers a full range from the pre-workout stage and warm-ups, the main workouts to build explosive jumping ability and also the post workout routine. Again, don’t skip the pre- and post-workout sections. Always do them as prescribed.

Most importantly don’t skip exercises, or miss sessions thinking “I’ll just make it up later”. There’s a reason the schedule is there. So this takes discipline and you need to commit to yourself to the training, focusing on the exercises, eating properly and getting enough rest. Otherwise, results will be less than expected.


Exercise and Training Video Library

To clarify the exercises in the book there’s a video set that show the exercises and the training in action. This lets you see visually how things are done. This is much easier than understanding exercises that are explained in writing.


Workout Charts

In the beginning these were really helpful since I guided me to know what training was front on for the day. It also lets you look back at what you’ve done and makes you not skip exercises or training days.


Elite Jumpers Forum Access

This forum is available to Jump Manual members and subscribers. It lets you get in touch with others who and share experiences and tips on how to get better results from jump training and the manual itself.


Email Consultations and One-and-One with Jacob Hiller for 30 days

Along with the other items in the set, you get free access to Jacob Hiller, the author of the Jump Manual. You are able to review things with him, ask questions, and get tips. This is very valuable and something took full advantage of, since you don’t always get a chance to get answers straight for an expert in their field.


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In all, I like this program because it does not over train you. Unlike the other programs I tried that required a ton of jumping and my knees feeling it. This one was a lot more sensible and not to mention work better. It gave me and understanding of working better and smarter and not just working harder.

The program works and it will improve your vertical jump. By how much, no one can say for certain. It will depend on your physical make up, genetics, how much work you put into it, if you had proper discipline with the program or just slacked off.


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