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In TrainingIn an ideal world, we all have the time and money to eat right and workout. But that isn’t always the case. Work, family and other responsibilities often take up most of our daily schedules leaving us less time for getting in shape.

Here’s where Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout comes into the picture. The basic premise of this weight and fat loss training program is to let you get your workouts done in a short amount of time, without having to travel and spend for gym membership. It also doesn’t require weights which means that you can do it at home without having to purchase large and expensive exercise equipment.

What is the CT-50 System All About?

1. Short Training Sessions

The program is short for Cross Training 50. This 50 refers to the 50 different workouts included in the program. What makes it different from your common exercise routine is that you use much shorter sessions. In this case 20 minute workout sessions for 3 times a week. This saves you time while you get your exercise in. The short sessions also mean that you won’t overtrain yourself or set yourself up for overuse injuries which happens with very long training sessions.

2. Functional Fitness

Another difference of this method is that it does not rely on specific weight lifting as most exercise programs do. Instead bulk of the 96 exercises included in the package are done using one’s own body weight. All you need for equipment is one dumbbell and a pull up bar.

The training regimen is based more on functional fitness which focuses on training more athletic movements rather than sitting on a gym machine or lifting a barbell. This type of training makes you less stiff. Instead you become more flexible. Think of the difference between the body make up and movements of bodybuilders and elite athletes. Notice how one is more stiff and the other more functional.

3. Progressive Movements

The CT-50 program uses a combination of functional and cross training to get you to lose weight. There are different levels in the program so you can start with the program where your current fitness level fits it and work your way up. As you develop and move to more advanced stages. The system uses a “Progressive Movement Technology”, which is to say the movements become more challenging so your body works harder. This allows you to keep progressive and not stagnate towards your goals.

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Things that are Included in the Program Bundle

CT-50 Training Program Set

The entire package is made up of the CT-50 pdf books along with a number of excellent instructional videos. They cover the different aspects of the program so you can follow through it like you have a personal trainer by your side. Here are the different pdf and videos included:

  1. Quick Start Guide – this is a concise PDF ebook that shows you the steps that are involved in the program. It also outlines the most important things you need to know that will contribute you losing weight.
  2. The CT-50 Main Manual – this covers the bulk of the program. Here, Tyler lays out the workouts and things you need to do during the week. The program covers 5 different levels starting from the lowest that’s designed for beginners to the highest. Those are shown in the video workouts below.
  3. Video Workouts You Can Follow Along to – these show you the actual workouts being done. They are in video format so you can replay and go back whenever you need to. The 5 workout levels are shown by Tyler Bramlett along with a few other colleagues, with each level getting more challenging. So all you need to is watch and follow along with the video to do the workouts.
  4. Comprehensive Instructional Videos – for me this is one of the most valuable parts of the program package. It shows you a video instructional of the exercises being done. What makes it different from other video exercise guides is that Tyler Bramlett acts like your personalized trainer showing the correct posture, form and techniques for each. He’ll point out the common flaws and tips to execute the exercises properly and reduce incidence of injury.
  5. Wall Charts – you can print these wall charts and use them as reference guides and reminders. This lets you do the workouts and exercises even when you’re away from the computer and not watching the videos.
  6. Workout Score Sheets – as with any training program, monitoring and tracking are important. The score sheets let you keep track and see if your scores are improving. The program uses a scoring system to make it more fun to do.

Additional Bonuses:

Also included with the main program books and videos are 3 pdf ebook bonus materials.

  • Super Workout Smoothies
  • Supplement Guide
  • Workout Integration Guide

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Our Overall Review

What We’re Not Fans Of

  • I understand that the system is meant to be an exercise program. But for me, losing weight almost always require understanding how you eat. It would be a great addition to have a section that discusses diet and food.
  • Because you’re spending less than an hour daily working out, those looking for quick gains may be tempted to add exercises and extend the training sessions thinking doing more will get better results.

What We Like About the Program

  • We love the short sessions. Being able to do so and get results lets you focus on other aspects of your life.
  • There is no gym membership required, no weight equipment needed. This saves you the fees and time of traveling. You can do the exercises at home and follow the videos.
  • The workouts are more functional. This makes them more similar to real world movements like picking up objects, getting up from the ground and others, as opposed to sitting on a bench and pushing barbells.
  • The excellent coaching videos are extremely valuable. You don’t find this often as personal trainers can charge a few hundred dollars for an hour of one on one guidance.
  • It fits any fitness level whether beginner or advance. You start where you’re comfortable and work yourself up.
  • Women can use it without getting bulky.

CT-50 Review Conclusion

This weight loss training program is designed for those short on time, who don’t want to use traditional weights or get a gym membership. It lets you use movements that are more functional and useful in daily life to help you shed the unwanted weight. This is a great alternative to those who don’t want to use weights or want to mix up their training. But like other programs for losing weight, you need to follow the workouts and be committed to the schedule to get results.

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