Glowing Lean System Review

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Nov 022014

Every woman wants to have a lean, sexy body. This lets you have all the confidence in the world when you go out no matter what you are wearing. The problem with today’s world however is that our food choices have become less and less healthy.

One very popular diet program today is Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean System. We review the system here to see what you get and if it does fit what you’re looking for.

What is the Glowing Lean System?

In this program, Kimberly Snyder follows up her successful diet book “The Beauty Detox Solution”. In the program Kimberly explains that the most important thing to losing weight and making sure that you keep if off boils down to two things:

  1. Eating the right types of food.
  2. Eating them at the right times.

While it is easier said than done, following these two principles and changing your eating habits will not only let you get fitter and slimmer but also make you much healthier.

Unlike the “Beauty Detox” Solution which is in book format, this time bulk of the information is in video format. You will get books with it though they serve more of a guide and a lot of the useful information and explanations are in the videos which will be available online once you become a member.

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Who is Kimberly Snyder?

Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist who also happens to be a New York Times best selling author. She works with celebrities to help them get into shape and lose the extra weight so that they look great for their photo shoots, film or TV appearances.

If you’ve been looking through weight loss programs and books for a while, you’ll probably recognize her name thanks to her very popular diet book, “The Beauty Detox Solution”.

Inside the Glowing Lean System

Glowing Lean System Set

When you get access to the program, you’ll see a main page that let’s you choose from the primary sections of the system. As mentioned, bulk of the information comes in video form and there are hours and hours of useful diet tips, food knowledge and things that will help you understand how to lose the weight.

What you get include:

Video Modules

The video modules are divided into two sets. There is a the Core video modules where you start at. Here Kimberly explains what you eat affects your health as well as your weight and how cleansing yourself from bad foods like those that have preservatives or are processed. She also tells you which foods to eat and which ones to avoid. The core section consist of 9 video modules in total,

Once you’re done with the core videos, you move on to another set of 9 video modules, which are more advanced. These go into further detail and explain the more advanced that build on the core videos.


The next section contains the healthy recipes she has prepared. Being a nutritionist, she creates dishes that are both healthy and delicious. This will help you lose weight without getting bored with the bland flavors. Entrees, desserts, snacks and even smoothies are included.

Q&A Forum

The Glowing Lean System includes a user community where members can exchange thoughts, ask questions and share their experiences. This is only available to the members.

Bonus Videos

Two bonus videos are included in the program. The Never Plateau Again video explains how you can continue losing the weight without hitting that dreaded wall where you stop losing weight.

The second bonus video is called the Workshop at Glow Bio. Here Kimberly shows members how she makes her recipes.

Her Food List

Part of the program identifies which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from. Kimberly lists the good foods as well as the bad. If you’re used to fast food and microwave, you’ll quickly see that these are on the no eat list.

Eat these food List

Included in the foods you can eat are the healthy fruits like apples, pears, bananas as well as the healthy vegetables like carrots, lettuce, spinach and broccoli.

Also in the good foods list are nuts, oats and almond milk. When it comes to proteins salmon and chicken are among her favorites while vegetarians can use beans as their source of protein. Brown rice is recommended too.

Avoid these food

Topping the list of foods you should take out of your diet are fast foods, as well as those that have been processed or packaged. Soda and fruit juice which have loads of sugar are also no-nos. You want to avoid refined starches as well as artificial sweeteners too.

Recipes and Meal Plans

Kimberly includes a good number of recipes so you can get started even if you’ve been used to using the foods to avoid. This way you have a guide to follow that already uses the right foods to make the dishes.

Also included in the system are sample meal plans that you can follow. These list down what you can have for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

–>> Click here to see the Glowing Lean System Books and Lists


What We Think

What We’re Not Too Fond Of

  • If you’re used to the regular eating habits that most of us are, this program can be a bit restrictive. There are many items that need to be avoided.
  • Discipline is needed to stick to program. Using the right foods and staying away from sugars and salt we’re used to.
  • We’d like to see this extended a bit by telling us what to do in terms of exercise.

What We Like About the System

  • The system rids you of a lot of the bad processed food and excess salt and sugar that are culprits of obesity and other metabolic health issues that are prevalent today.
  • There is a lot of information contained in the videos and books provided.
  • Recipes, food lists and meal plans are provided for you to follow.
  • You get to eat natural foods and get rid of those that are bad for the health. Also, you don’t need to take supplements.
  • The program includes excellent community for support and questions.

Our Glowing Lean System Review Summary

The Glowing Lean System is an information packed program that’s written by someone who has expertise in the field of nutrition. It uses a very holistic approach in getting you to lose weight. By ridding your body of the bad foods like those processed or with artificial flavoring, you are able to cleanse your body that helps you lose weight.

Do remember that going through the program and sticking to it requires discipline. There are a lot of foods we’re used to like fast foods, fried foods and sodas that are no-no’s, so this can be tricky and requires willpower to follow consistently.

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Total Six Pack Abs Review – Get a Flat Belly

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Nov 022014

Total Six Pack Abs 3If you’ve been looking for a way to get that washboard abs but haven’t been able to do so, then our Total Six Pack Abs review may just be the answer. This is a program that specializes in one’s core. Simply put, the different parts of the system is designed for one thing and that’s to get you looking great in the midsection. No more feeling embarrassed when removing your shirt at the beach because of the belly flab.

Okay, so that’s what it’s designed for, but does it really deliver on its promises or is it just another workout program similar to the other get lean or get a 6 pack training routines. Our reviews goes deeper to see.

What is Total Six Pack Abs About?

Total Six Pack Abs is a cutting program. For those not familiar to the bodybuilding jargon, this simply means that it is designed to shed away the extra fat. Bodybuilders usually go through cycles of bulking and cutting when preparing for competitions.

The start with the bulking phase where they try to gain as much muscle mass as possible. This means eating a lot of food to support the muscle development. Inevitably, there’s going to be fat that comes along with the muscle. So after they’ve bulked up, the cutting phase is designed to eliminate the fat layers so they end up with lean muscle. This makes all the muscles show very clearly including the abs.

Total Six Pack Abs is developed by Mark McManus, who is a Certified Personal Trainer. He is known for getting his clients lean and has expertise in fitness. McManus calls this program a rapid fat loss program in that it was created for those looking to aggressively get their six pack abs in less time.

–>> Click here to see the Total 6 Pack Abs program


What You Can Get From the Program

The program is a combination of diet and training program. It is built around eating and training so that you get the results that will give you that flat washboard stomach. Also, it strives to help to keep your muscles and not lose mass as you lose the fat, if possible gain a bit more during the process.

The Book

Total Six Pack Abs digitalTotal Six Pack Abs comes in a pdf format ebook. This lets you download it as soon as you are given access. The process and format makes it easy and quick to get you hands on the book.

Majority of the pdf book focuses on how you can trim the fat which is by far the best way for your abs to show. The program does this through the use of caloric restriction along with using carbs properly.

The book begins by explaining the process and the science of nutrition and its importance in getting in shape as well as bodybuilding. It goes on into the meal plans that you will be following while on the diet. It goes through the importance of getting the macronutrients correctly as well as eating carbs, fats and supplements.

A number of sections focuses on the workouts you’ll be doing, which he calls the T.S.P.A. weight training program. Also included here is the cardio regimen. The goal of the cardio is to help boost the fat loss while the weight training is there to help you maintain muscle mass even as you cut.

The latter portions of the book cover the foods to eat, then recipes to use while on the diet and a shopping list for when you go get the groceries.

Also included are:

  1. Calorie Counting software – this helps making counting the calories much easier. It lets you know the amount you should be eating.
  2. Size pack Calculator – this software helps you compute how long it will more or less take to get your six pack. There’s a best and worst case scenario in weeks based on your current weight and body fat percentage. Of course this is assuming you’re eating and training properly and not just sitting on the coach and eating junk food.

Valuable Lessons

Among the most important things learned form the TSPA program are a better understand of nutrition and the part carbohydrates and fats play. Not all of them are bad and having them the right way actually helps you burn fat more.

Along with that you also learn how to compute how your body burns fat. This in combination with understanding how to measure body fat levels and how to lower it.

–>> Click here to view the Total 6 Pack Abs system


What we’re not too fond of

  • In some sections, the TSPA does not explain the why’s behind some of the concepts and things you do. It just lists out the things to do.
  • Low carb not for everyone. This can be restrictive for some. However, the program does mention from the start that it’s target is rapid fat loss and that it is an aggressive way to reach a 6 pack so this is somewhat expected.

What we like about the program

  • The system is specifically designed for fat loss, which is the best way to target your abs. You can do all the crunches in the world if you don’t lose the fat no one will ever see your six pack.
  • The six pack calculator is fun and gives you a motivational tool to go the distance. It estimates the time period so you have a goal in mind and keep following the diet and routine.
  • The program is designed for both men and women. It was created to get you losing fat faster than regular programs so you achieve 6 pack results sooner.
  • A 2 month refund policy is included in case you’re not completely satisfied with the program.

Total Six Pack Abs Review Summary

This program was developed for those looking for a faster way to achieve that much desired six pack. It makes use of a combination of diet and exercise do you have solid muscle even as you lose fat. It uses a mix of restricting one’s caloric intake along with limiting carbs to get the results done.

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CT-50 Review – An Alternative to Cardio & Weights for Weight Loss

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Oct 312014

In TrainingIn an ideal world, we all have the time and money to eat right and workout. But that isn’t always the case. Work, family and other responsibilities often take up most of our daily schedules leaving us less time for getting in shape.

Here’s where Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout comes into the picture. The basic premise of this weight and fat loss training program is to let you get your workouts done in a short amount of time, without having to travel and spend for gym membership. It also doesn’t require weights which means that you can do it at home without having to purchase large and expensive exercise equipment.

What is the CT-50 System All About?

1. Short Training Sessions

The program is short for Cross Training 50. This 50 refers to the 50 different workouts included in the program. What makes it different from your common exercise routine is that you use much shorter sessions. In this case 20 minute workout sessions for 3 times a week. This saves you time while you get your exercise in. The short sessions also mean that you won’t overtrain yourself or set yourself up for overuse injuries which happens with very long training sessions.

2. Functional Fitness

Another difference of this method is that it does not rely on specific weight lifting as most exercise programs do. Instead bulk of the 96 exercises included in the package are done using one’s own body weight. All you need for equipment is one dumbbell and a pull up bar.

The training regimen is based more on functional fitness which focuses on training more athletic movements rather than sitting on a gym machine or lifting a barbell. This type of training makes you less stiff. Instead you become more flexible. Think of the difference between the body make up and movements of bodybuilders and elite athletes. Notice how one is more stiff and the other more functional.

3. Progressive Movements

The CT-50 program uses a combination of functional and cross training to get you to lose weight. There are different levels in the program so you can start with the program where your current fitness level fits it and work your way up. As you develop and move to more advanced stages. The system uses a “Progressive Movement Technology”, which is to say the movements become more challenging so your body works harder. This allows you to keep progressive and not stagnate towards your goals.

–>> Click to go see the CT-50 fat loss training program here


Things that are Included in the Program Bundle

CT-50 Training Program Set

The entire package is made up of the CT-50 pdf books along with a number of excellent instructional videos. They cover the different aspects of the program so you can follow through it like you have a personal trainer by your side. Here are the different pdf and videos included:

  1. Quick Start Guide – this is a concise PDF ebook that shows you the steps that are involved in the program. It also outlines the most important things you need to know that will contribute you losing weight.
  2. The CT-50 Main Manual – this covers the bulk of the program. Here, Tyler lays out the workouts and things you need to do during the week. The program covers 5 different levels starting from the lowest that’s designed for beginners to the highest. Those are shown in the video workouts below.
  3. Video Workouts You Can Follow Along to – these show you the actual workouts being done. They are in video format so you can replay and go back whenever you need to. The 5 workout levels are shown by Tyler Bramlett along with a few other colleagues, with each level getting more challenging. So all you need to is watch and follow along with the video to do the workouts.
  4. Comprehensive Instructional Videos – for me this is one of the most valuable parts of the program package. It shows you a video instructional of the exercises being done. What makes it different from other video exercise guides is that Tyler Bramlett acts like your personalized trainer showing the correct posture, form and techniques for each. He’ll point out the common flaws and tips to execute the exercises properly and reduce incidence of injury.
  5. Wall Charts – you can print these wall charts and use them as reference guides and reminders. This lets you do the workouts and exercises even when you’re away from the computer and not watching the videos.
  6. Workout Score Sheets – as with any training program, monitoring and tracking are important. The score sheets let you keep track and see if your scores are improving. The program uses a scoring system to make it more fun to do.

Additional Bonuses:

Also included with the main program books and videos are 3 pdf ebook bonus materials.

  • Super Workout Smoothies
  • Supplement Guide
  • Workout Integration Guide

–>> Click here to pick up a copy of the CT-50 workout system with all the books


Our Overall Review

What We’re Not Fans Of

  • I understand that the system is meant to be an exercise program. But for me, losing weight almost always require understanding how you eat. It would be a great addition to have a section that discusses diet and food.
  • Because you’re spending less than an hour daily working out, those looking for quick gains may be tempted to add exercises and extend the training sessions thinking doing more will get better results.

What We Like About the Program

  • We love the short sessions. Being able to do so and get results lets you focus on other aspects of your life.
  • There is no gym membership required, no weight equipment needed. This saves you the fees and time of traveling. You can do the exercises at home and follow the videos.
  • The workouts are more functional. This makes them more similar to real world movements like picking up objects, getting up from the ground and others, as opposed to sitting on a bench and pushing barbells.
  • The excellent coaching videos are extremely valuable. You don’t find this often as personal trainers can charge a few hundred dollars for an hour of one on one guidance.
  • It fits any fitness level whether beginner or advance. You start where you’re comfortable and work yourself up.
  • Women can use it without getting bulky.

CT-50 Review Conclusion

This weight loss training program is designed for those short on time, who don’t want to use traditional weights or get a gym membership. It lets you use movements that are more functional and useful in daily life to help you shed the unwanted weight. This is a great alternative to those who don’t want to use weights or want to mix up their training. But like other programs for losing weight, you need to follow the workouts and be committed to the schedule to get results.

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Carb Backloading Review – A Different Carb Diet

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Oct 312014

Carb Backloading BookFor most of us, weight training’s goal often has to do with building muscle and getting lean. These two things work hand in hand so that we have big muscles at the same time have definition so all the muscles can be seen.

For that to happen eating has to be a big part of the training program. Anyone who forgets about diet will have difficulty obtaining their bodybuilding goals unless of course, they are blessed with superior genetics.

One well known method of getting lean is using a low carb diet. Done correctly, it gets you ripped. Done incorrectly, you end up starving yourself, not gaining muscle or even losing what you already built up. Our Carb Backloading review takes a closer look at one well known method of carb dieting for getting lean.

What is Carb Backloading?

Carb Backloading is a process by which you intentionally manipulate when and how much carbs you consume. By controlling this, you are able to help the body make better use of the carbohydrates. This lets you get rid of the fat instead of gain it from the carbs.

This is why you’ll see professional athletes eating things like ice cream during training camp. One would think that this is counter intuitive and be harmful for their training but it’s actually part of their diet which are coordinated by nutritionists and trainers.

Carb back loading lets you in on the when, what and how of eating carbs so that you end up with lean muscle. The book’s author, John Kiefer, who’s interestingly an physicist, spent a lot of time researching the way the body uses carbs and understanding how this works led him to creating this program.

–>> Click to go straight to the Carb Back Loading website and see the product


The Meal Plan

The concept of Carb Back-Loading is actually opposite to what many use when dieting. To understand it better here is the quick outline of what you should expect from it.

Concept #1: Eat your carbs in the evening.

The time your consume the carbohydrates makes a difference. During the morning eat lightly, you can skip breakfast and have a smoothie later. What’s important is to stay light on the carbs during the morning.

Lunch is slightly better, though only have a moderate one. You will be saving the carb intake for dinner. During dinner is when you eat.

Concept #2: After working out, don’t get your carbs yet.

Wait a while, but within 30 minutes after your get your workout done, start eating those carbs. This is when you want to begin to replenish your body with sustenance to help your muscles recover.

Concept #3: Workout in the late afternoon

Preferably have your workout near 5:00 in the afternoon. This lets you take advantage of the carb window that’s nearing.

Reasons Behind the Concepts

John Kiefer Carb Back LoadingThe book and plan uses the concept on eating few carbs in the morning and afternoon because it has been shown that insulin sensitivity is higher during the morning. And this tends to drop when night time comes. This means that the body’s fat cells are more receptive to glucose during these times.

Glucose is found in carbohydrates, and with the fat cells being receptive to it during the morning and noon, eating the carb meals then will stimulate more fat growth, which we want to avoid.

So instead, the book and meal plan look to take advantage of the body’s cycle to replenish your nutrients at night when insulin sensitivity is low. This means fat isn’t as receptive to the carbs during this time.

–>> Go get the Carb Back Loading Book and Program, so you can get started now


Our Carb Backloading Review

The book offers an excellent resource and is done with a lot of research. There is a lot of information and things are explained by John Kiefer. He lays things out in a very organized manner that we can read and understand easily.

You don’t often find a program where you are allowed to eat the carb heavier foods like this one. So in all it is more fun to follow since you can eat things like pizza, your favorite breads and ice cream.

At the very heart of this carb diet program is understanding when you should eat, what you should and should not eat during specific times, and how much to eat at each of the meals. So this is a somewhat scheduled meal plan or eating system to follow. However, it also provides you with the leniency many other diets don’t which is the ability to eat what you want. Often those diets will limit what and how much you can eat.

What We’d Like to Clarify

In the book, John Kiefer mentions that you are allowed to eat anything that’s carb heavy. This means any food that you want that’s made up mostly of carbohydrates is a good choice for the night meal. While this gives you a license to chomp down on all the fries, pizza and pastries you want this may not give you the best results.

Obtaining the optimal results, in terms of getting lean and losing fat, will still mean taking in better healthier carb options. For example eating brown rice instead of white rice, eating whole wheat breads instead of refined white bread, or cooking the heavy carb meal at home instead of ordering it from the restaurant.

So just because he gives you the green light, does not mean to take full advantage of it. Keeping sight of the end goal of losing fat and getting leans still have to be the priority and healthy, common sense eating and discipline is still required.

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