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Best Mini StepperDoctors continue to recommend walking as one of the best exercises any person can undertake. Brisk walking for half an hour daily leads to improved overall health and cardiovascular fitness. While many people don’t have the luxury to go out to walk a few kilometers on a regular basis, the best mini stepper lets you get that same workout without having to leave your home or purchase any bulky exercise equipment.


While the stepping motion of a mini stepper closely simulate stair climbing rather than walking forward the extra effort required for each stride brings about the same physical benefits as brisk walking or going up flights of stairs. The added tension produced by the hydraulics also help tone leg muscles strengthening them without any impact forces one would experience like in jogging or running.

Using the the mini stepper individuals can burn up to 500 calories an hour while watching TV or listening to music. It is one of the best low cost home exercise equipment available that’s easy to learn to use.


Do keep in mind that exercise is half of the picture. Eating right and properly is the other part. Eating sensibly with right portions that are spaced out will help you lose extra pounds and get that flat stomach. So the two go hand in hand.



Sunny Health & Fitness Twister StepperThe Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper is one of the top rated mini steppers with over 260 customer reviews on giving it an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The additional twisting motion and resistance arm bands give users extra features that target different parts of the leg muscles and the option to workout their upper torso as well.

Regular non twisting step machines work most leg muscles with heavy focus on the front thighs (quads) and calves. Adding the rotation and pivot movement increases activity in the inner thighs, hamstrings and buttock region for a more complete lower body tone.

Built for portability, one can easily carry this compact mini stepper from one room to another as it weighs only 21 lbs. and is 18 inches long by 16 inches wide. Its small footprint eliminates the need for rearranging home furniture like other bulky exercise equipment would need.

Supporting users of up to 250 pounds, the solid metal construction is made to withstand daily use.


Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle BarWhile easy to use, most step machines will still require users to balance themselves as they walk in place. The Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar physically adds a 48 inch high stand with handle bars letting users hold on to the hand grips while working out. This removes any need for balancing oneself.

The high stand also means that the LCD display which presents total exercise time, calories burned, and total repetitions are easier to see as they are closer to eye level and not located near one’s feet.

Shaped like a miniature elliptical machine it also at most a quarter of the price of any cheap elliptical machines. At close to $75 this is the most expensive mini stepper in our reviews. Users are happy with the performance and the assistance of the handlebars giving it a 4.1 of 5 star score.

The adjustable stepping height make it easy to set according to one’s preference and at the bottom of each footplate rubber stoppers keep the metal components from scraping against each other.


Stamina InStride Pro Electronic StepperPriced at $60, the Stamina InStride Pro Electronic Stepper combines upper body resistance training to the cardiovascular benefits of the step machines. With multiple resistance bands of different tensions, and varying hand grips available users are able to work their biceps, shoulders, chest and back muscles while burning calories. Both resistance tubes are detachable for when you only want to use the stepper.

Rubberized foot pads are built in to help users maintain their footing throughout the workout. Measuring 12 inches by 16 inches this mini stepper can be stored anywhere and does not take up much space when used. Batteries will be needed to operated the LCD display which monitors steps taken, time and strides per minute.


Mabis Exercise StepperThose looking for step machines that don’t include accessories like resistance bands or twist movements can consider the Duro-Med Mini Stepper Exerciser. It offers the conventional stepping motion that can be used by individuals doing rehab or target heart rate exercises. With no bouncing motion, this mini stepper offers low impact and preserves joint health making it ideal for both young and old alike.

An adjustable tension pulley system is located in the inner sides of the machine allowing users to set the resistance level to their preferences.


Small, Cheap, Easy to Use

The mini stepper is among the most affordable home exercise equipment one can use. It requires no additional skill to learn, has a small footprint, improves lung oxygen intake and promotes blood circulation for better health.

The hydraulic system allows users to go at their own pace and monitor their progress using the LCD monitor. For those not ready to invest hundreds of dollars on larger workout machines like treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals but want to stay fit at home the mini stepper is a worthwhile acquisition.


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