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Oct 312014

Vert Shock Adam FolkerAs a ball player you look for any advantage you can get on the court. In today’s fast paced game, athleticism is key, and being able to run faster and jump higher are two things that can help you get away from your defender to score a basket. In my search to increase my vertical jump, one program worked really well for me and this is my Vert Shock review looking back at it.

I’ve been playing basketball for most of my life and over the years I’ve been seeing more and more people just jumping over me whether to take their jump shot or sad to say dunk over me. This made me look for the secret to why some guys can jump over 40 inches.

My search was quite frustrating to say the least. I can tell you now there are a lot of quacks out there pretending to be some jump higher experts and I’ve been a victim of some of them. I’ve even resorted to using jump shoes and a couple of other jump higher equipment, yes those things with straps. Not worth the time or effort. This is where I can say that knowing what to look for is just as important as doing the research.


Finding the Jump Training for Me

After a lot of asking and researching it boiled down to two things. I understood that that there were really two more basic ways to get where I wanted to be, jump higher. These were use weights, or a specialized jump training program. I’m still growing and as far as I remember my brother grew until he was 21 so for me using heavy weights that may hinder that was less attractive to me. I’m not sure if lifting heavy weights on your shoulders will stop your growth or not, but I’m not risking my body to learn that.

So I turned to my second option, and this led me to Vert Shock. My reasons for choosing this jump training program over the others came down to a few points.

  1. It was only 8 weeks long. I sometimes have problems sticking to longer programs so I wanted to make sure that I’d be focused and completed this without losing my attention.
  2. There was no lifting of heavy weights. At my age, I was still hoping to grow a few more inches. I didn’t want to risk that.
  3. There was no volume jumping needed. I’ve heard of people doing lots of jumping and have seen some friends suffer from bothersome knee injuries like tendonitis and overuse injuries. If there was a way to avoid it I’ll try to.
  4. The authors needed to know what they were doing. The author Adam Folker played collegiate basketball at the highest level and also went pro. Then you had Justin Darlington who uses it. Both are excellent leapers and we could only imagine doing the dunks Justin Darlington does.


Vert Shock Results

After the 8 weeks of training, I measured myself and got nearly a 6-1/2 inch improvement in my vertical jump. This was awesome for the short time time. Best of all I didn’t have to do lots of jumping. It was more of understanding how to train more efficiently to jump higher instead of using brute force to get results.

This was almost 1 inch a week. And for me I couldn’t really ask more than that. Now, my results may pale compared to some of the other users reviews. I know some have reported between 9 to 15 inches higher in their vertical leap. But I also understand that genetics are a factor as well as the way your achilles tendon is built. So there are a lot of other factors. This is why different users get varying results.

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A Review and Look Back at the Program

As I wrote above, this jump training program is designed to be 8 weeks long. This makes it more efficient compared to other programs that are longer. The program centers on using plyometrics which many professional athletes use to increase power and explosiveness. What I also liked was you didn’t need weight training equipment. I didn’t have any and didn’t want to keep going to the gym.

The focus of the program was to train our fast twitch fibers. These fibers are the strongest ones and let us move explosively. Compared these to slow twitch fibers, which are better for endurance but less power. Some people are born with more fast twitch fibers, others with more slow twitch fibers. This is why some people are better for power sports, like NFL players or sprinters, who explode and are powerful but only go for short bursts at time. They have fast twitch fiber makeups. Then you have marathon runners who have tremendous endurance but don’t explode at very fast speeds. They have predominantly slow twitch fibers.

By developing the fast twitch fibers we are born with the Vert Shock program pulls out the maximum ability of these explosive fibers, which results in jumping power.

Vert Shock Package

Inside the program what you get are:


The Quick Start Guide

This is a short introduction that will help you understand the program and what you’re about to go through. It lets you see what to expect and how to go about things briefly.

Pre-Shock Phase Training

This is a 7 day workout plan that gears your body up for the meat of the jump training. After this period I did see gains in my jumping ability so make sure to do thing properly.

Shock Phase Training

This workout plan spans 6 weeks and makes up most of the training. It fully explains all the exercises and things you need to do. Each day is written out and you do a few exercises a day.

Post-Shock Phase Training

The last week consists of workouts that will bind together everything you’ve learned. The exercises will let your body put things together into muscle memory.

Exercise Videos

As a guide, there are over 35 step by step videos included. It shows a professional football player doing the exercises correctly. They also show you in slow motion so you can see the tiny details for each exercise.


The tracker lets you document your progress. This is a simple sheet that you fill out with measurements of your current vertical leap.

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If you’re looking for a short but efficient jump higher training program that does not involve using heavy weights this is one of the best options available. It makes use of plyometric training designed to involve and strengthen our fast twitch fibers to get better results in our vertical leaping ability.

Make no mistake this is a serious program that you need to be committed to. If you don’t focus and commit effort and time to it it won’t work. You need to get up every day of the 8 weeks and get ready to work for it to produce results. It’s not a magic potion. You also need to make sure to focus since you’re using plyometric jump training. Doing things haphazardly can lead to getting injured.


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