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Anabolic Cooking Recipe BookOne of the biggest problems with sticking to a bodybuilding diet is the bland, untasty food. That’s always been a problem for many which is why cheat meals are something everybody has to do in order to stick to their diet.

However, the warning with cheat meals is that you shouldn’t overdo them otherwise soon enough you find yourself having a cheat meal a bit too often, which eventually will negate any of the healthy eating you’ve done.

If you’re tired of always having the same bland foods everyday and don’t want to keep having oatmeal, beans or boiled chicken too often, then Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking book is what you’re looking for.

What is Anabolic Cooking?

Our review starts with an understanding of what this actually is. Anabolic Cooking is actually a complete set of pdf ebooks that has the bodybuilder in mind. It is for someone who is looking to have delicious meals while trying to gain muscle mass in a healthy way. By healthy way we mean, eating low in fat, and low in unhealthy carbs.

The entire set consists of a number of books and bonus material all geared for meal preparation. The main book is the recipe cookbook which is packed with more than 200 recipes covered different meals. This lets you prepared different foods for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and even dessert.

It also includes calorie meal plans for those who are starting out and still figuring out how to create the proper meal plan for their eating needs.

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Who will Benefit from this Recipe Cookbook?

  • Anyone looking to eat healthy and tasty food that will help them gain muscle mass. Gaining muscle is around 75% what you eat and the other 25% your training. Dave Ruel’s cook book is packed with high protein recipes that are low in fat. They are designed for the bodybuilder in mind so each dish is designed for that purpose.
  • This cookbook is written for those who don’t like eating the same meals, every meal, too regularly. It is also designed for bodybuilders and weight trainees who are tired of eating bland, tasteless food. The recipes in the cook book are delicious, high in protein, often high fiber, and just as importantly low in fat and simple carbs.
  • It is also written for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time or effort in the kitchen to make tasty food. For each of the recipes, nutritional values are provided and better yet, very simple instructions. For example, pancake preparation goes something like, mix the ingredients in a blender, instead of the usual 4 or 5 steps you’ll see in regular chef cookbooks. Quick, easy to make meals that are delicious and healthy.
  • Those who want to be able to cook different types of foods. Included in the cookbook are recipes for chicken and poultry, beef, pork, fish and seafood. There are also snack, protein bar, breakfast, dessert, salad and sides recipes. This lets you choose from different types of food that will let you eat healthy with a lot of variety.
  • The books are also for anyone looking to learn about the nutritional values and how to create your own meal plan that will let you eat healthy and build muscle. There are sample meal plans provided that you can follow. There are meal plans available for different amounts of calories you need to consume per day. So choose the amount that fits your current goals and use that plan.

What You’re Getting

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Set

Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide is easy reading and provides information for anyone looking to build and plan a healthy workout diet. It gives us the basics of nutrition including the values and things you need to understand when preparing a meal or reading a recipe.

It also guides you on how to stock you pantry and kitchen, what to shop for in the grocery. Other useful parts, specially if you don’t plan of staying around all day to cook is how to prepare your meals for the week.

Anabolic Cooking Recipe Cookbook

This is where you’ll find the recipes. The difference between this and regular cookbooks is that the recipes found here are designed to help you gain muscle. Also, the instructions are written in a very simple manner that anyone can do them.

Compared to regular bodybuilding diets, on the other hand, the dished listed are tasty not bland. They also cover everything from desserts, breakfast, to snacks. And you get to select from chicken, fish, meat, pork, salads, and other types of foods. There’s also an extra bonus book with post-workout shake recipes included in the set. This gives you easy to prepare, delicious meals that are high in protein and low in fat.

Included in each recipe are the picture, the ingredients, the instructions and the nutritional values.

Pre-Prepared Meal Plans

If you don’t want to spend the time to build your own meal plan or are learning how to develop one, you can use the pre-made meal plans provided here. There are plans covering diets that require as low as 1200 calories to 5000 calories so you can use them for both getting lean or packing on muscle.

The Ugly Truth About Supplements Book

This book gives you information that is seldom shared by supplement companies. It breaks down the different supplements and tells you which ones are worth taking and which ones are just a drain on the wallet. In all Dave Ruel recommends only a few supplements to take. And if you’re eating a nutritional diet, you probably won’t need supplements at all.

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Things that Disappointed Us

  • There are some promotional sections in the books. These included links to products the author is selling like vitamins. It would have been a lot better had these not been added. But not really a big deal though.
  • The lack of vegetarian dishes. From a practical perspective this probably makes sense since there are less people looking for these. But if you’re a vegetarian looking to gain muscle this isn’t the cookbook for you. There are a couple of good vegetarian dishes included though along with the salads, but that’s about it.

Things We Loved

  • There are lots of excellent healthy and tasty dishes from different food categories included in the cookbook. This lets you choose from different foods to prepare. And what sets it apart from your regular bodybuilding diet is they taste good.
  • The dishes are very simple to prepare. No cooking experience needed.
  • For the bodybuilder, we love the extra sections on breakfast, snacks and protein bars. Also the additional post workout shakes recipes are great. This lets you get muscle building meals between the main meals without having to think of them yourself.
  • The pre-prepared meal plans are a quick way to find how to eat for the calorie requirement you need. It also provides as a learning tool if you’re just starting out.
  • The inclusion of the nutritional basics in the quick start guide are excellent for beginners.
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