Glowing Lean System Review

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Nov 022014

Every woman wants to have a lean, sexy body. This lets you have all the confidence in the world when you go out no matter what you are wearing. The problem with today’s world however is that our food choices have become less and less healthy.

One very popular diet program today is Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean System. We review the system here to see what you get and if it does fit what you’re looking for.

What is the Glowing Lean System?

In this program, Kimberly Snyder follows up her successful diet book “The Beauty Detox Solution”. In the program Kimberly explains that the most important thing to losing weight and making sure that you keep if off boils down to two things:

  1. Eating the right types of food.
  2. Eating them at the right times.

While it is easier said than done, following these two principles and changing your eating habits will not only let you get fitter and slimmer but also make you much healthier.

Unlike the “Beauty Detox” Solution which is in book format, this time bulk of the information is in video format. You will get books with it though they serve more of a guide and a lot of the useful information and explanations are in the videos which will be available online once you become a member.

–>> Click here to get right to the Glowing Lean System intro video


Who is Kimberly Snyder?

Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist who also happens to be a New York Times best selling author. She works with celebrities to help them get into shape and lose the extra weight so that they look great for their photo shoots, film or TV appearances.

If you’ve been looking through weight loss programs and books for a while, you’ll probably recognize her name thanks to her very popular diet book, “The Beauty Detox Solution”.

Inside the Glowing Lean System

Glowing Lean System Set

When you get access to the program, you’ll see a main page that let’s you choose from the primary sections of the system. As mentioned, bulk of the information comes in video form and there are hours and hours of useful diet tips, food knowledge and things that will help you understand how to lose the weight.

What you get include:

Video Modules

The video modules are divided into two sets. There is a the Core video modules where you start at. Here Kimberly explains what you eat affects your health as well as your weight and how cleansing yourself from bad foods like those that have preservatives or are processed. She also tells you which foods to eat and which ones to avoid. The core section consist of 9 video modules in total,

Once you’re done with the core videos, you move on to another set of 9 video modules, which are more advanced. These go into further detail and explain the more advanced that build on the core videos.


The next section contains the healthy recipes she has prepared. Being a nutritionist, she creates dishes that are both healthy and delicious. This will help you lose weight without getting bored with the bland flavors. Entrees, desserts, snacks and even smoothies are included.

Q&A Forum

The Glowing Lean System includes a user community where members can exchange thoughts, ask questions and share their experiences. This is only available to the members.

Bonus Videos

Two bonus videos are included in the program. The Never Plateau Again video explains how you can continue losing the weight without hitting that dreaded wall where you stop losing weight.

The second bonus video is called the Workshop at Glow Bio. Here Kimberly shows members how she makes her recipes.

Her Food List

Part of the program identifies which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from. Kimberly lists the good foods as well as the bad. If you’re used to fast food and microwave, you’ll quickly see that these are on the no eat list.

Eat these food List

Included in the foods you can eat are the healthy fruits like apples, pears, bananas as well as the healthy vegetables like carrots, lettuce, spinach and broccoli.

Also in the good foods list are nuts, oats and almond milk. When it comes to proteins salmon and chicken are among her favorites while vegetarians can use beans as their source of protein. Brown rice is recommended too.

Avoid these food

Topping the list of foods you should take out of your diet are fast foods, as well as those that have been processed or packaged. Soda and fruit juice which have loads of sugar are also no-nos. You want to avoid refined starches as well as artificial sweeteners too.

Recipes and Meal Plans

Kimberly includes a good number of recipes so you can get started even if you’ve been used to using the foods to avoid. This way you have a guide to follow that already uses the right foods to make the dishes.

Also included in the system are sample meal plans that you can follow. These list down what you can have for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

–>> Click here to see the Glowing Lean System Books and Lists


What We Think

What We’re Not Too Fond Of

  • If you’re used to the regular eating habits that most of us are, this program can be a bit restrictive. There are many items that need to be avoided.
  • Discipline is needed to stick to program. Using the right foods and staying away from sugars and salt we’re used to.
  • We’d like to see this extended a bit by telling us what to do in terms of exercise.

What We Like About the System

  • The system rids you of a lot of the bad processed food and excess salt and sugar that are culprits of obesity and other metabolic health issues that are prevalent today.
  • There is a lot of information contained in the videos and books provided.
  • Recipes, food lists and meal plans are provided for you to follow.
  • You get to eat natural foods and get rid of those that are bad for the health. Also, you don’t need to take supplements.
  • The program includes excellent community for support and questions.

Our Glowing Lean System Review Summary

The Glowing Lean System is an information packed program that’s written by someone who has expertise in the field of nutrition. It uses a very holistic approach in getting you to lose weight. By ridding your body of the bad foods like those processed or with artificial flavoring, you are able to cleanse your body that helps you lose weight.

Do remember that going through the program and sticking to it requires discipline. There are a lot of foods we’re used to like fast foods, fried foods and sodas that are no-no’s, so this can be tricky and requires willpower to follow consistently.

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MI40X Review – Faster Results in Less Time?

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Nov 022014

Having muscular physiques like those we see in magazine covers is something everyone would like to have, But this doesn’t some overnight. It takes years of dedication and hard work that not all of us are willing to go through.

So one solution that we’ve come across is Ben Pakulski’s MI40X training program. Here, he uses his years of extensive bodybuilding training to share how we can build a bigger physique in less time. Our MI40X review takes a look at the program to see how it works and if it is worth the trying out.

What is the MI40X Workout?

The MI40X stands for Mass Intention 40 Xtreme. It is a weight training program that implements what Ben has coined the CEP method. CEP stands for Cell Expansion Protocol, where you give extra focus on the muscle cells and stimulate them for further growth. Doing so at the right time and the right way for specific body parts helps produce faster muscle development.

According to the MI40 program, because the CEP system is so effective, you are able to spend less time at the gym. What you do is use simple, efficient training sessions, make sure you get the proper nutrition and supplements along with your rest. Think of Ben Pakulski’s MI40 workout as something similar to the P90X except it is made for individuals looking to gain muscle mass instead of losing weight.

MI40 CEP Training Program

Who is Ben Pakulski?

Ben Pakulski is a Canadian born professional bodybuilder. He won the Mr. Canada bodybuilding competition in 2008 and came in 2nd in the 2013 Arnold Classic. He has spend a large portion of his life training and helping people achieve their strength and physique goals. He has also appeared in a number of well known fitness magazine covers.

Looking Inside the MI40 Workout Program

The MI40X is a complete training system. It includes the exercises along with the program to be followed as well as the nutrition manuals. It also includes a video library that demonstrates how the exercises and the CEP training should be done. Ben stresses on proper form and watching the videos carefully to understand the proper ways to execute each exercise is crucial to avoid injury and target each muscle so take time to do so specially if you’re starting out.

The workouts are relatively short at under an hour, making it a lot less time consuming than spending hours and hours at the gym. In each training session you only do a handful of exercises then finish it with a CEP exercise for that specific body part. Each of the CEP exercises work differently for various body parts. Adding this system helps improve the pace at which muscle develops.

–>> Click to go straight to the MI40 Xtreme introduction video


Components of the Pacakage

A look the at what you get with this training program.

  • The MI40 CEP Quick Start Action Plan – this quick start book breaks down the program and gives you an idea of the different steps. It is an overview that guides you to the different things you’ll be doing. Read through this quickly along with the FAQ when starting is a good idea.
  • 7 Day Primer Phase – to get your body prepared for the training, a 7 day training primer phase is something that gets you in condition and teaches you some of the basic principles like mind muscle connection and how to recruit muscles well during training.
  • 7 Day Detox Diet – similar to the primer phase, start with this 7 day diet detox to cleanse yourself from the many impurities we normally eat. This helps your body prime for delivering nutrients to the muscles to build them after working out. Doing the diet every so often also helps you lose the extra fat to get ripped.
  • Exercise Guide – this handbook comes in pdf format so you can download the book for reference. It also makes it easy to save a copy of the pdf onto your phone to use when you go to the gym. The manual provides you with all the information you need to known about the exercises to be done in the program.
  • CEP Training Blueprint – in this pdf ebook, the CEP training system is explained. The CEP training system is based on a few well known techniques for improving mass gains. Techniques like stretching the muscle between sets and tensioning are rolled into one to create the Ben’s CEP system of training.
  • CEP Application Guide – this guide goes through the process of how to incorporate the CEP techniques into the MI40X workout to make it work for you.
  • MI40 CEP Exercise Videos – the program includes close to 20 videos where the exercises as well as the CEP training are demonstrated. This lets you learn the proper form by watching and following which for us is always the simplest way to do it.
  • Nutrition Guide – no exercise program is complete without a nutritional manual and guide. In this pdf book you can download and follow the steps and diet that have been laid out. Don’t forget to do this as proper nutrition makes up for majority of your muscle gain results.
  • Supplement Guide – along with the nutrition guide, included is a supplement guide that will help you understand the different supplements and which ones will help in muscle recovery for better results and gains.
  • FAQ Guide – here Ben answers many of the basic questions about the program.
  • Workout Sheets – the training logs are included here, just print them out and use them to track each of the exercises and days you’ve done. This way you can monitor the results over the span of your training.

MI40X Set

While the program itself is developed using some advanced systems, it is designed for trainees of different fitness levels. To make this simpler, MI40 includes 3 CEP level workouts, covering everyone from the beginner to the professional. And because he’s an actual bodybuilding pro, the professional athlete level program is just that, designed for pros.

–>> Click to get the entire MI40 Xtreme ebook collection 


What we aren’t too fond of

  • This is a more advanced style of training. While Ben Pakulski does mention that is works for novices as well as professionals, many of the techniques and exercises are geared toward more advanced trainees. If you’re starting out go slow and make sure to go through the videos and read the books and manuals carefully. Take time to do so.
  • You’ll need to be disciplined as the program doesn’t offer much flexibility. You’ll be training more than the once or twice a week some beginner programs do so committing the time and religiously following the schedule may be a task if you are a busy person.

What we like about the MI40 Xtreme system

  • The system is a complete program for resistance training. It covers everything from the exercises, nutrition, and schedule. How to perform the exercises properly are also shown in the videos to make it easy to learn and follow.
  • The system works and provides increased muscle mass results. As long as you make sure to follow the workouts as written, eat properly and not overdo the exercises or try to add or mix with other programs you’ll get the a better physique than when you started, which is the results we’re all looking for.
  • Ben answers a lot of the questions in the FAQ as well as explains the CEP training and the program thoroughly.
  • It comes with a 2 month money back guarantee should you find it does not fit you or you aren’t satisfied with the results.

MI40X Review Summary

The MI40X workout program is designed for those looking to increase muscle mass without spending long hours in the gym. The training sessions are relatively short at under an hour each allowing you to spend the rest of your day as you please. It it important to remember that this is not a magic system. You’ll need to get into the gym, focus and work. Then get enough rest and consume the proper nutrition. One without the others hampers the gains and results, so discipline and commitment is required. Everything is laid out in the program’s package, you’ll need to read it thoroughly and watch the videos carefully. Don’t hurry and try to jump straight into the program as you’ll miss the finer points.

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Suspension Revolution Review – Whip Yourself into Shape

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Nov 022014

One of the best things about exercise is there are so many ways you can go about it that if one method or way isn’t available or does not work for you then you can try another. For those who don’t have time to go to the gym or want to pay the gym membership fees, Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution training program is something you may want to give a try.

Unlike your regular training program that requires weights, the Suspension Revolution system makes use of suspension trainers or straps. In doing so you can do the exercises at home or anywhere you can anchor the straps to a solid foundation.

Our Suspension Revolution review takes a more detailed look at this weight loss training program that focused on your core.

What is the Suspension Revolution Program

This is a strength and weight loss resistance training program the incorporates the use of one’s own bodyweight and suspension straps. The system was developed by Dan Long who’s a fitness expert and coach.

He developed the system as a way to workout out with less strain on one’s back. It also promotes better flexibility, which unlike weights can leave you looking stiff. With this type of training you are able to work all 600 muscles of the body.

The program itself makes use of a combination of resistance training to help you get stronger and build lean muscle, along with interval training that is designed to burn fat. Together you alternate the days between these exercises to get a more flexible, lean body with less fat.

–>> Click here to jump straight to the program’s intro video


Understanding Suspension Training

Suspension Training

The program is based on the use of suspension straps. These are workout straps that resemble the rings apparatus gymnasts use in the Olympics, except their suspended much closer to the ground. In suspension training you anchor one end of the straps to a solid foundation like a door, wall or pillar. Then use the other ends of the straps with your hands or your legs depending on which part of the body you want to train.

Suspension training was developed by military personnel as a way to stay in shaped when they were deployed in the field. This allowed they to stay lean and strong when gyms weren’t available.

The advantage of suspension trainers over weights is you can use them anywhere, including inside your room or outside your home. You also make use of your own bodyweight.

The Training Program – A Closer Look

The Suspension Revolution 2.0 program is designed as a 20 week long training program for lean muscle and weight loss. While the entire program lasts for the 20 weeks, you don’t need to do all 20 weeks if you’re looking for shorter term training routines.

Suspension Revolution Pack

The entire 20 weeks of the program is divided into 3 different smaller programs. These are for beginner s which lasts for 4 weeks, an intermediate which is also 4 weeks long and the advanced training which goes for 12 weeks. As such you can do one level at a time for shorter durations if you wish.

  1. Beginner Training Program (4 weeks) – this is where you start. It introduces you to the suspension training equipment and how to use it. Here, the basics are taught and you acclimate your body’s muscles to the different exercises. When you’re starting our you will be introduced to muscles you didn’t know you had. The different angles and workouts help you build a foundation for the next levels. It book also introduces you to the two systems used in the program which are resistance training and interval training.
  2. Intermediate Training Program (4 weeks) – the exercises here are a bit more complicated compared to those in the beginner module. They require more balance and muscle activation. Throughout the intermediate module you go through progressive development getting you stronger and leaner in the process.
  3. 12 Week Advanced Training Program – in this module, the two main goals are to burn fat for fat loss and also sculpt muscle. You’ll be using some more advanced techniques to do so. All together there are close to 200 different exercises included in the books and pdfs included in the entire program package.

–>> Click here to pick up the Suspension Revolution Training System


Extra Books Included

Strap Finishers – this is the most important of all the bonus materials. Strap finishing exercises as Dan Long calls them are exercises you do at the end of sets for emphasis and to give you set that finishing kick for extra effect.

The other added bonus materials included are the following:

  1. Core Blasting Accelerators
  2. Steel Pumping Power Sets
  3. 10 Suspension Exercises No One Else Does Video

Our Suspension Revolution Review

What We Aren’t Fans Of

  • We would have liked to get more information and explanations on why the exercises are done. The step by step instructions are clear and images show you what to do though. Understanding the why’s would be a great addition.
  • Dan’s enthusiasm. This is probably just me. But Dan seems a bit way over-hyped for my taste. I know it’s just a matter of preference and some would prefer him going that way for motivation. Again, just me.

What We Like About the Program

  • Very good weight loss results. The mix of circuit training along with resistance training really boosts the rate of weight loss. Plus you get really great abs without really focusing on working on the ab region directly.
  • No need for weights, can do it anywhere, even at home. While you need to purchase suspension trainers, they are much cheaper than weights. You can fit them in your bag and train anywhere, whether at home or at the local park.
  • Designed for flexibility not stiffness. Training this way results in a lean, muscular physique that isn’t bulky or heavy. It is also easy on the back and gives you excellent core strength and flexibility.
  • Different training compared to most training programs. If you don’t like using weights all the time and want something for a change, using this method is an excellent alternative that delivers good results.
  • Easy to follow. The way the program is shown makes it easy to follow. The exercises are shown clearly step by step and instructions are included making them easy to perform.


For those looking to lose weight, look lean and muscular without the bulk, this is a great program to use for that purpose. It is simple to follow and builds you up from the very beginning until you get to the advanced level. Remember, as much as this is a resistance and weight loss training program, you’ll have to do your part in doing the workouts as prescribed. Just as important is eating properly. Doing the workouts but eating junk food all day or eating everything in sight won’t get you the results you’re looking for.

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Total Six Pack Abs Review – Get a Flat Belly

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Nov 022014

Total Six Pack Abs 3If you’ve been looking for a way to get that washboard abs but haven’t been able to do so, then our Total Six Pack Abs review may just be the answer. This is a program that specializes in one’s core. Simply put, the different parts of the system is designed for one thing and that’s to get you looking great in the midsection. No more feeling embarrassed when removing your shirt at the beach because of the belly flab.

Okay, so that’s what it’s designed for, but does it really deliver on its promises or is it just another workout program similar to the other get lean or get a 6 pack training routines. Our reviews goes deeper to see.

What is Total Six Pack Abs About?

Total Six Pack Abs is a cutting program. For those not familiar to the bodybuilding jargon, this simply means that it is designed to shed away the extra fat. Bodybuilders usually go through cycles of bulking and cutting when preparing for competitions.

The start with the bulking phase where they try to gain as much muscle mass as possible. This means eating a lot of food to support the muscle development. Inevitably, there’s going to be fat that comes along with the muscle. So after they’ve bulked up, the cutting phase is designed to eliminate the fat layers so they end up with lean muscle. This makes all the muscles show very clearly including the abs.

Total Six Pack Abs is developed by Mark McManus, who is a Certified Personal Trainer. He is known for getting his clients lean and has expertise in fitness. McManus calls this program a rapid fat loss program in that it was created for those looking to aggressively get their six pack abs in less time.

–>> Click here to see the Total 6 Pack Abs program


What You Can Get From the Program

The program is a combination of diet and training program. It is built around eating and training so that you get the results that will give you that flat washboard stomach. Also, it strives to help to keep your muscles and not lose mass as you lose the fat, if possible gain a bit more during the process.

The Book

Total Six Pack Abs digitalTotal Six Pack Abs comes in a pdf format ebook. This lets you download it as soon as you are given access. The process and format makes it easy and quick to get you hands on the book.

Majority of the pdf book focuses on how you can trim the fat which is by far the best way for your abs to show. The program does this through the use of caloric restriction along with using carbs properly.

The book begins by explaining the process and the science of nutrition and its importance in getting in shape as well as bodybuilding. It goes on into the meal plans that you will be following while on the diet. It goes through the importance of getting the macronutrients correctly as well as eating carbs, fats and supplements.

A number of sections focuses on the workouts you’ll be doing, which he calls the T.S.P.A. weight training program. Also included here is the cardio regimen. The goal of the cardio is to help boost the fat loss while the weight training is there to help you maintain muscle mass even as you cut.

The latter portions of the book cover the foods to eat, then recipes to use while on the diet and a shopping list for when you go get the groceries.

Also included are:

  1. Calorie Counting software – this helps making counting the calories much easier. It lets you know the amount you should be eating.
  2. Size pack Calculator – this software helps you compute how long it will more or less take to get your six pack. There’s a best and worst case scenario in weeks based on your current weight and body fat percentage. Of course this is assuming you’re eating and training properly and not just sitting on the coach and eating junk food.

Valuable Lessons

Among the most important things learned form the TSPA program are a better understand of nutrition and the part carbohydrates and fats play. Not all of them are bad and having them the right way actually helps you burn fat more.

Along with that you also learn how to compute how your body burns fat. This in combination with understanding how to measure body fat levels and how to lower it.

–>> Click here to view the Total 6 Pack Abs system


What we’re not too fond of

  • In some sections, the TSPA does not explain the why’s behind some of the concepts and things you do. It just lists out the things to do.
  • Low carb not for everyone. This can be restrictive for some. However, the program does mention from the start that it’s target is rapid fat loss and that it is an aggressive way to reach a 6 pack so this is somewhat expected.

What we like about the program

  • The system is specifically designed for fat loss, which is the best way to target your abs. You can do all the crunches in the world if you don’t lose the fat no one will ever see your six pack.
  • The six pack calculator is fun and gives you a motivational tool to go the distance. It estimates the time period so you have a goal in mind and keep following the diet and routine.
  • The program is designed for both men and women. It was created to get you losing fat faster than regular programs so you achieve 6 pack results sooner.
  • A 2 month refund policy is included in case you’re not completely satisfied with the program.

Total Six Pack Abs Review Summary

This program was developed for those looking for a faster way to achieve that much desired six pack. It makes use of a combination of diet and exercise do you have solid muscle even as you lose fat. It uses a mix of restricting one’s caloric intake along with limiting carbs to get the results done.

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Anabolic Cooking Review

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Nov 012014

Anabolic Cooking Recipe BookOne of the biggest problems with sticking to a bodybuilding diet is the bland, untasty food. That’s always been a problem for many which is why cheat meals are something everybody has to do in order to stick to their diet.

However, the warning with cheat meals is that you shouldn’t overdo them otherwise soon enough you find yourself having a cheat meal a bit too often, which eventually will negate any of the healthy eating you’ve done.

If you’re tired of always having the same bland foods everyday and don’t want to keep having oatmeal, beans or boiled chicken too often, then Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking book is what you’re looking for.

What is Anabolic Cooking?

Our review starts with an understanding of what this actually is. Anabolic Cooking is actually a complete set of pdf ebooks that has the bodybuilder in mind. It is for someone who is looking to have delicious meals while trying to gain muscle mass in a healthy way. By healthy way we mean, eating low in fat, and low in unhealthy carbs.

The entire set consists of a number of books and bonus material all geared for meal preparation. The main book is the recipe cookbook which is packed with more than 200 recipes covered different meals. This lets you prepared different foods for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and even dessert.

It also includes calorie meal plans for those who are starting out and still figuring out how to create the proper meal plan for their eating needs.

–>> Click here to get a copy of the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook


Who will Benefit from this Recipe Cookbook?

  • Anyone looking to eat healthy and tasty food that will help them gain muscle mass. Gaining muscle is around 75% what you eat and the other 25% your training. Dave Ruel’s cook book is packed with high protein recipes that are low in fat. They are designed for the bodybuilder in mind so each dish is designed for that purpose.
  • This cookbook is written for those who don’t like eating the same meals, every meal, too regularly. It is also designed for bodybuilders and weight trainees who are tired of eating bland, tasteless food. The recipes in the cook book are delicious, high in protein, often high fiber, and just as importantly low in fat and simple carbs.
  • It is also written for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time or effort in the kitchen to make tasty food. For each of the recipes, nutritional values are provided and better yet, very simple instructions. For example, pancake preparation goes something like, mix the ingredients in a blender, instead of the usual 4 or 5 steps you’ll see in regular chef cookbooks. Quick, easy to make meals that are delicious and healthy.
  • Those who want to be able to cook different types of foods. Included in the cookbook are recipes for chicken and poultry, beef, pork, fish and seafood. There are also snack, protein bar, breakfast, dessert, salad and sides recipes. This lets you choose from different types of food that will let you eat healthy with a lot of variety.
  • The books are also for anyone looking to learn about the nutritional values and how to create your own meal plan that will let you eat healthy and build muscle. There are sample meal plans provided that you can follow. There are meal plans available for different amounts of calories you need to consume per day. So choose the amount that fits your current goals and use that plan.

What You’re Getting

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Set

Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide is easy reading and provides information for anyone looking to build and plan a healthy workout diet. It gives us the basics of nutrition including the values and things you need to understand when preparing a meal or reading a recipe.

It also guides you on how to stock you pantry and kitchen, what to shop for in the grocery. Other useful parts, specially if you don’t plan of staying around all day to cook is how to prepare your meals for the week.

Anabolic Cooking Recipe Cookbook

This is where you’ll find the recipes. The difference between this and regular cookbooks is that the recipes found here are designed to help you gain muscle. Also, the instructions are written in a very simple manner that anyone can do them.

Compared to regular bodybuilding diets, on the other hand, the dished listed are tasty not bland. They also cover everything from desserts, breakfast, to snacks. And you get to select from chicken, fish, meat, pork, salads, and other types of foods. There’s also an extra bonus book with post-workout shake recipes included in the set. This gives you easy to prepare, delicious meals that are high in protein and low in fat.

Included in each recipe are the picture, the ingredients, the instructions and the nutritional values.

Pre-Prepared Meal Plans

If you don’t want to spend the time to build your own meal plan or are learning how to develop one, you can use the pre-made meal plans provided here. There are plans covering diets that require as low as 1200 calories to 5000 calories so you can use them for both getting lean or packing on muscle.

The Ugly Truth About Supplements Book

This book gives you information that is seldom shared by supplement companies. It breaks down the different supplements and tells you which ones are worth taking and which ones are just a drain on the wallet. In all Dave Ruel recommends only a few supplements to take. And if you’re eating a nutritional diet, you probably won’t need supplements at all.

–>> Click here to view the Anabolic Cookbook by Dave Ruel


Things that Disappointed Us

  • There are some promotional sections in the books. These included links to products the author is selling like vitamins. It would have been a lot better had these not been added. But not really a big deal though.
  • The lack of vegetarian dishes. From a practical perspective this probably makes sense since there are less people looking for these. But if you’re a vegetarian looking to gain muscle this isn’t the cookbook for you. There are a couple of good vegetarian dishes included though along with the salads, but that’s about it.

Things We Loved

  • There are lots of excellent healthy and tasty dishes from different food categories included in the cookbook. This lets you choose from different foods to prepare. And what sets it apart from your regular bodybuilding diet is they taste good.
  • The dishes are very simple to prepare. No cooking experience needed.
  • For the bodybuilder, we love the extra sections on breakfast, snacks and protein bars. Also the additional post workout shakes recipes are great. This lets you get muscle building meals between the main meals without having to think of them yourself.
  • The pre-prepared meal plans are a quick way to find how to eat for the calorie requirement you need. It also provides as a learning tool if you’re just starting out.
  • The inclusion of the nutritional basics in the quick start guide are excellent for beginners.
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Vertical Jump Bible Review – Building Overall Athleticism

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Nov 012014

Vertical Jump Development Bible

NOTE: If you’re a basketball player or volleyball player who wants to increase their vertical but not get bulky we recommend looking at the Jump Manual or the Vert Shock system. We also recommend it to those who don’t want to use a weight lifting intensive program to increase their vertical leap, or don’t have access to gym equipment.

This program works but is focused on using weight training to reach its goal. This may make you end up being too bulky. 


I have been obsessed with players who could jump really high and while I’ve watched in awe as I see them on the TV screen or playing live, it took me a while before deciding to take action. This is my very own Vertical Jump Bible review where I step back and look at the false starts I did in my search for jumping higher. And what finally did help me.

In Search of a Higher Vertical Leap

The problem with me back then was that I always thought that it was a natural given ability. There were a lot of kids in my school who could really jump and they would always tell them that it was natural. I guess I was naïve enough to believe them back then.

But after a few years I did notice some people mentioning some training programs that help your vertical leap. As you’d expect I did go out and try them. Two of the named ones that I tried were Air Alert and Michael Jordan’s Jump Attack. These were well advertised and more prominent so I thought they were really effective which is why they showed up a lot. Unfortunately these didn’t work too well for me. Air Alert did work a bit though it was a bit disappointing based on what was being advertised. The weird thing was after a month or two after the program I started losing whatever I gained till I was just slightly up from my previous vertical jump. Maybe the program was just based on improving muscle memory or something.

Getting Results

I did go through a number of other programs. They were all different and used various methods. What finally did it for me was Kelly Baggett’s Vertical Jump Bible. This is a longer program than some of the others and one of the main differences I saw was that it focused on making your a bigger, stronger athlete overall and this will let you increase your vertical jumping ability.

I was instantly attracted to the idea because I played other sports. So running faster and being stronger overall made sense to me and was useful for me.

With Kelly Baggett’s program I gained a total of 7.25 inches in my vertical leap. A big chunk of that came in the first 5 weeks where I improved by over 5 inches. The latter few weeks got a bit less results but still had improvements. I’m not exactly sure why the last part had less gains, but I may have slacked a bit or gotten over confident after the quick gains. I can’t tell for sure.

–>> Click here to pick up a copy Kelly Baggett’s Vertical Jump Bible


What’s the Vertical Jump Bible About?

With this jump training program, the main focus is building strength in the lower body. The main source of this power will be coming from weight training. This is where the program differs from the others, it is a lot more scientific.

Vertical Jump BibleResearch Based

The entire book is very long, and it is packed with scientific research and explanations. There is data for each of the aspects, and the author scrutinizes every factor related to jumping. These include the form, the training, how different body structures can affect your potential, what race has to do with it, and the way you jump whether it’s with one or two legs. Everything is taken into consideration. And if you want to know everything about the science of jumping, this is a great read.

Kelly Baggett is first and foremost a performance coach. He helps athletes improve their performance. Speed and jumping ability are his specialties. So as you’d expect there is a more wholistic approach to his training that just developing the jump. And in the end you get in better physical shape and stronger overall, along with the added inches in your leaping ability.

Weight Training

As mentioned above, the focus of the training is on weights. However it does include two programs, one if you have access to the gym, another if you don’t. So, either way you can use it. It also includes custom programs for your fitness level. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced training program, each designed for the level you currently are at.

The program splits the training to weights and plyometrics. The weight training primarily focuses on building your squat. The science is the higher the amount you can squat relative to your body weight, the higher you’ll be able to jump. This makes sense since you’re using your leg power to push your weight up when you jump. The bonus of this is by increasing the weights you lift you get more muscular and lose fat. I can tell you I looked a lot better in the mirror after the program that I ever did before!

–>> Click to see the Vertical Jump Development Bible here



My Vertical Jump Bible review just goes to show that like most things in life, you need to find the right thing to use to get results. I went through a lot of testing to fight the right method that will help me jump higher and after looking for a long time finally got results.

It isn’t the easiest program specially if you hate going to the gym and can’t keep to your training schedule. There is a lot of discipline needed to stay diligent. You need to do the exercises properly and not miss training days to get results. Of course, this isn’t the only way out there and there are many other methods that work.

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CT-50 Review – An Alternative to Cardio & Weights for Weight Loss

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Oct 312014

In TrainingIn an ideal world, we all have the time and money to eat right and workout. But that isn’t always the case. Work, family and other responsibilities often take up most of our daily schedules leaving us less time for getting in shape.

Here’s where Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout comes into the picture. The basic premise of this weight and fat loss training program is to let you get your workouts done in a short amount of time, without having to travel and spend for gym membership. It also doesn’t require weights which means that you can do it at home without having to purchase large and expensive exercise equipment.

What is the CT-50 System All About?

1. Short Training Sessions

The program is short for Cross Training 50. This 50 refers to the 50 different workouts included in the program. What makes it different from your common exercise routine is that you use much shorter sessions. In this case 20 minute workout sessions for 3 times a week. This saves you time while you get your exercise in. The short sessions also mean that you won’t overtrain yourself or set yourself up for overuse injuries which happens with very long training sessions.

2. Functional Fitness

Another difference of this method is that it does not rely on specific weight lifting as most exercise programs do. Instead bulk of the 96 exercises included in the package are done using one’s own body weight. All you need for equipment is one dumbbell and a pull up bar.

The training regimen is based more on functional fitness which focuses on training more athletic movements rather than sitting on a gym machine or lifting a barbell. This type of training makes you less stiff. Instead you become more flexible. Think of the difference between the body make up and movements of bodybuilders and elite athletes. Notice how one is more stiff and the other more functional.

3. Progressive Movements

The CT-50 program uses a combination of functional and cross training to get you to lose weight. There are different levels in the program so you can start with the program where your current fitness level fits it and work your way up. As you develop and move to more advanced stages. The system uses a “Progressive Movement Technology”, which is to say the movements become more challenging so your body works harder. This allows you to keep progressive and not stagnate towards your goals.

–>> Click to go see the CT-50 fat loss training program here


Things that are Included in the Program Bundle

CT-50 Training Program Set

The entire package is made up of the CT-50 pdf books along with a number of excellent instructional videos. They cover the different aspects of the program so you can follow through it like you have a personal trainer by your side. Here are the different pdf and videos included:

  1. Quick Start Guide – this is a concise PDF ebook that shows you the steps that are involved in the program. It also outlines the most important things you need to know that will contribute you losing weight.
  2. The CT-50 Main Manual – this covers the bulk of the program. Here, Tyler lays out the workouts and things you need to do during the week. The program covers 5 different levels starting from the lowest that’s designed for beginners to the highest. Those are shown in the video workouts below.
  3. Video Workouts You Can Follow Along to – these show you the actual workouts being done. They are in video format so you can replay and go back whenever you need to. The 5 workout levels are shown by Tyler Bramlett along with a few other colleagues, with each level getting more challenging. So all you need to is watch and follow along with the video to do the workouts.
  4. Comprehensive Instructional Videos – for me this is one of the most valuable parts of the program package. It shows you a video instructional of the exercises being done. What makes it different from other video exercise guides is that Tyler Bramlett acts like your personalized trainer showing the correct posture, form and techniques for each. He’ll point out the common flaws and tips to execute the exercises properly and reduce incidence of injury.
  5. Wall Charts – you can print these wall charts and use them as reference guides and reminders. This lets you do the workouts and exercises even when you’re away from the computer and not watching the videos.
  6. Workout Score Sheets – as with any training program, monitoring and tracking are important. The score sheets let you keep track and see if your scores are improving. The program uses a scoring system to make it more fun to do.

Additional Bonuses:

Also included with the main program books and videos are 3 pdf ebook bonus materials.

  • Super Workout Smoothies
  • Supplement Guide
  • Workout Integration Guide

–>> Click here to pick up a copy of the CT-50 workout system with all the books


Our Overall Review

What We’re Not Fans Of

  • I understand that the system is meant to be an exercise program. But for me, losing weight almost always require understanding how you eat. It would be a great addition to have a section that discusses diet and food.
  • Because you’re spending less than an hour daily working out, those looking for quick gains may be tempted to add exercises and extend the training sessions thinking doing more will get better results.

What We Like About the Program

  • We love the short sessions. Being able to do so and get results lets you focus on other aspects of your life.
  • There is no gym membership required, no weight equipment needed. This saves you the fees and time of traveling. You can do the exercises at home and follow the videos.
  • The workouts are more functional. This makes them more similar to real world movements like picking up objects, getting up from the ground and others, as opposed to sitting on a bench and pushing barbells.
  • The excellent coaching videos are extremely valuable. You don’t find this often as personal trainers can charge a few hundred dollars for an hour of one on one guidance.
  • It fits any fitness level whether beginner or advance. You start where you’re comfortable and work yourself up.
  • Women can use it without getting bulky.

CT-50 Review Conclusion

This weight loss training program is designed for those short on time, who don’t want to use traditional weights or get a gym membership. It lets you use movements that are more functional and useful in daily life to help you shed the unwanted weight. This is a great alternative to those who don’t want to use weights or want to mix up their training. But like other programs for losing weight, you need to follow the workouts and be committed to the schedule to get results.

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Vert Shock Review – Jump Training Program

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Oct 312014

Vert Shock Adam FolkerAs a ball player you look for any advantage you can get on the court. In today’s fast paced game, athleticism is key, and being able to run faster and jump higher are two things that can help you get away from your defender to score a basket. In my search to increase my vertical jump, one program worked really well for me and this is my Vert Shock review looking back at it.

I’ve been playing basketball for most of my life and over the years I’ve been seeing more and more people just jumping over me whether to take their jump shot or sad to say dunk over me. This made me look for the secret to why some guys can jump over 40 inches.

My search was quite frustrating to say the least. I can tell you now there are a lot of quacks out there pretending to be some jump higher experts and I’ve been a victim of some of them. I’ve even resorted to using jump shoes and a couple of other jump higher equipment, yes those things with straps. Not worth the time or effort. This is where I can say that knowing what to look for is just as important as doing the research.


Finding the Jump Training for Me

After a lot of asking and researching it boiled down to two things. I understood that that there were really two more basic ways to get where I wanted to be, jump higher. These were use weights, or a specialized jump training program. I’m still growing and as far as I remember my brother grew until he was 21 so for me using heavy weights that may hinder that was less attractive to me. I’m not sure if lifting heavy weights on your shoulders will stop your growth or not, but I’m not risking my body to learn that.

So I turned to my second option, and this led me to Vert Shock. My reasons for choosing this jump training program over the others came down to a few points.

  1. It was only 8 weeks long. I sometimes have problems sticking to longer programs so I wanted to make sure that I’d be focused and completed this without losing my attention.
  2. There was no lifting of heavy weights. At my age, I was still hoping to grow a few more inches. I didn’t want to risk that.
  3. There was no volume jumping needed. I’ve heard of people doing lots of jumping and have seen some friends suffer from bothersome knee injuries like tendonitis and overuse injuries. If there was a way to avoid it I’ll try to.
  4. The authors needed to know what they were doing. The author Adam Folker played collegiate basketball at the highest level and also went pro. Then you had Justin Darlington who uses it. Both are excellent leapers and we could only imagine doing the dunks Justin Darlington does.


Vert Shock Results

After the 8 weeks of training, I measured myself and got nearly a 6-1/2 inch improvement in my vertical jump. This was awesome for the short time time. Best of all I didn’t have to do lots of jumping. It was more of understanding how to train more efficiently to jump higher instead of using brute force to get results.

This was almost 1 inch a week. And for me I couldn’t really ask more than that. Now, my results may pale compared to some of the other users reviews. I know some have reported between 9 to 15 inches higher in their vertical leap. But I also understand that genetics are a factor as well as the way your achilles tendon is built. So there are a lot of other factors. This is why different users get varying results.

–>> Click here to get the Vert Shock jump training system and get started


A Review and Look Back at the Program

As I wrote above, this jump training program is designed to be 8 weeks long. This makes it more efficient compared to other programs that are longer. The program centers on using plyometrics which many professional athletes use to increase power and explosiveness. What I also liked was you didn’t need weight training equipment. I didn’t have any and didn’t want to keep going to the gym.

The focus of the program was to train our fast twitch fibers. These fibers are the strongest ones and let us move explosively. Compared these to slow twitch fibers, which are better for endurance but less power. Some people are born with more fast twitch fibers, others with more slow twitch fibers. This is why some people are better for power sports, like NFL players or sprinters, who explode and are powerful but only go for short bursts at time. They have fast twitch fiber makeups. Then you have marathon runners who have tremendous endurance but don’t explode at very fast speeds. They have predominantly slow twitch fibers.

By developing the fast twitch fibers we are born with the Vert Shock program pulls out the maximum ability of these explosive fibers, which results in jumping power.

Vert Shock Package

Inside the program what you get are:


The Quick Start Guide

This is a short introduction that will help you understand the program and what you’re about to go through. It lets you see what to expect and how to go about things briefly.

Pre-Shock Phase Training

This is a 7 day workout plan that gears your body up for the meat of the jump training. After this period I did see gains in my jumping ability so make sure to do thing properly.

Shock Phase Training

This workout plan spans 6 weeks and makes up most of the training. It fully explains all the exercises and things you need to do. Each day is written out and you do a few exercises a day.

Post-Shock Phase Training

The last week consists of workouts that will bind together everything you’ve learned. The exercises will let your body put things together into muscle memory.

Exercise Videos

As a guide, there are over 35 step by step videos included. It shows a professional football player doing the exercises correctly. They also show you in slow motion so you can see the tiny details for each exercise.


The tracker lets you document your progress. This is a simple sheet that you fill out with measurements of your current vertical leap.

–>> Click to view the Vert Shock program here



If you’re looking for a short but efficient jump higher training program that does not involve using heavy weights this is one of the best options available. It makes use of plyometric training designed to involve and strengthen our fast twitch fibers to get better results in our vertical leaping ability.

Make no mistake this is a serious program that you need to be committed to. If you don’t focus and commit effort and time to it it won’t work. You need to get up every day of the 8 weeks and get ready to work for it to produce results. It’s not a magic potion. You also need to make sure to focus since you’re using plyometric jump training. Doing things haphazardly can lead to getting injured.


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Jump Manual Review and Results – A Look Back

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Oct 312014

Michael Jordan Slam DunkThanks to YouTube and the NBA, everybody has seen Michael Jordan and Lebron James dominating slam dunk contents they competed in. Better yet, they were able to do the awesome dunks in game. This Jump Manual review is a look at my results and experiences in my journey to improve my vertical jump.


My Failed Attempts

Over the last few years, I’ve been experimenting about different ways to improve my vertical leap. I wasn’t always blessed with the gift of height so unlike the taller, longer guys, I knew that the only I would be able to dunk was to jump higher. Also being able to do so would definitely improve my game.

When I started I tried a lot of suggestions by friends and those on the internet. I can tell you now that a lot of this is a waste of time and I would recommend you not to do this. I spent like 2 years that didn’t really amount to much. Maybe an increase of 2 or 3 inches, and that may be stretching it.

After trying a bunch of ‘tips’ I got from others, I decided to get it right from people who knew. I did spend time on a program that promoted doing hundreds of jumps. This did help a bit but again not by much. To be honest, the amount of work and jumping wasn’t worth it.

You can imagine how frustrated I was after that point and it took a good few months of speaking to people before I bumped into an old friend I met at basketball camp a few years back. He was jumping out of the gym and told me that what helped him most was the Jump Manual. At that point, I was desperate, and my friend was living proof so I thought to myself, let’s give that a try.


My Jump Manual Results

This is an entire program that includes a 12 week training routine. The routine includes strength training and plyometrics as their main exercises. The entire program lasts for 12 weeks, but is actually made up of a 2 week training routine. You will then repeat this 2 week regimen for 6 times. This makes up the 12 weeks total. Each time you repeat you’ll be increasing the intensity and load. So you have progressive loading. This way your gains and results improve and you’re not just doing things over and over again.

The best advice my friend told me was to follow the book as it was written. Don’t get smart and try to add or mix other things into the exercises. “You’re not smarter than the expert”.

And I’m glad I didn’t. In the 12 weeks, I finally got results. In total, my vertical jump improved 7 inches. I remember Jacob Hiller, the author of the book, mentioning that some gain 1 inch a week. But I was happy.

Another thing I realized from my experience is that the gains don’t come evenly. They come in spurts and you don’t know when. My first gains were at the end of week 1. Then none for like 2 weeks then another improvement. So you have to keep doing it and complete the entire 12 weeks.

–>> Click here to go see the Jump Manual program now


What Made the Difference?

As much as I’d like to be able to tell you why this worked and why my previous efforts failed, I only have some of the answers and I think Jacob Hiller, the Jump Manual’s creator says it better in this explanation.


–>> Click here to go see the Jump Manual program now


An Overview and Review of the Program

Jump ManualIn this section of the review I look at the parts of the book and offer my experiences for each one. When I can I’ll try to point out the things you shouldn’t skip over or would want to pay attention to because they did make a difference for me.


The Jump Manual book

This ebook is where almost everything is. It is made up of 10 chapters that cover everything from explaining things all the way to how to workout and eat. The way things were written out and explained opened my eyes that increasing one’s ability to jump wasn’t just purely jumping. It took a wholistic approach. This meant I had to eat right, sleep right, and do the exercises. Overall discipline was needed to get any results.

The first few chapters explain the science of increasing your vertical and explosiveness. It then moves on to proper nutrition and getting enough rest. This is very important, don’t skip this section and think it is all about the exercises so I’ll jump to those. I was lucky my friend told me this beforehand otherwise I may have not gotten the results I did. Here I understood that the gains on your vertical leap increases when you’re away from training. So you need to get proper nutrition and rest for your muscles to recover properly.

The middle to end cover the exercises and workouts for jumping higher. It covers a full range from the pre-workout stage and warm-ups, the main workouts to build explosive jumping ability and also the post workout routine. Again, don’t skip the pre- and post-workout sections. Always do them as prescribed.

Most importantly don’t skip exercises, or miss sessions thinking “I’ll just make it up later”. There’s a reason the schedule is there. So this takes discipline and you need to commit to yourself to the training, focusing on the exercises, eating properly and getting enough rest. Otherwise, results will be less than expected.


Exercise and Training Video Library

To clarify the exercises in the book there’s a video set that show the exercises and the training in action. This lets you see visually how things are done. This is much easier than understanding exercises that are explained in writing.


Workout Charts

In the beginning these were really helpful since I guided me to know what training was front on for the day. It also lets you look back at what you’ve done and makes you not skip exercises or training days.


Elite Jumpers Forum Access

This forum is available to Jump Manual members and subscribers. It lets you get in touch with others who and share experiences and tips on how to get better results from jump training and the manual itself.


Email Consultations and One-and-One with Jacob Hiller for 30 days

Along with the other items in the set, you get free access to Jacob Hiller, the author of the Jump Manual. You are able to review things with him, ask questions, and get tips. This is very valuable and something took full advantage of, since you don’t always get a chance to get answers straight for an expert in their field.


–>> Click to view the Jump Manual book and training details



In all, I like this program because it does not over train you. Unlike the other programs I tried that required a ton of jumping and my knees feeling it. This one was a lot more sensible and not to mention work better. It gave me and understanding of working better and smarter and not just working harder.

The program works and it will improve your vertical jump. By how much, no one can say for certain. It will depend on your physical make up, genetics, how much work you put into it, if you had proper discipline with the program or just slacked off.


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Carb Backloading Review – A Different Carb Diet

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Oct 312014

Carb Backloading BookFor most of us, weight training’s goal often has to do with building muscle and getting lean. These two things work hand in hand so that we have big muscles at the same time have definition so all the muscles can be seen.

For that to happen eating has to be a big part of the training program. Anyone who forgets about diet will have difficulty obtaining their bodybuilding goals unless of course, they are blessed with superior genetics.

One well known method of getting lean is using a low carb diet. Done correctly, it gets you ripped. Done incorrectly, you end up starving yourself, not gaining muscle or even losing what you already built up. Our Carb Backloading review takes a closer look at one well known method of carb dieting for getting lean.

What is Carb Backloading?

Carb Backloading is a process by which you intentionally manipulate when and how much carbs you consume. By controlling this, you are able to help the body make better use of the carbohydrates. This lets you get rid of the fat instead of gain it from the carbs.

This is why you’ll see professional athletes eating things like ice cream during training camp. One would think that this is counter intuitive and be harmful for their training but it’s actually part of their diet which are coordinated by nutritionists and trainers.

Carb back loading lets you in on the when, what and how of eating carbs so that you end up with lean muscle. The book’s author, John Kiefer, who’s interestingly an physicist, spent a lot of time researching the way the body uses carbs and understanding how this works led him to creating this program.

–>> Click to go straight to the Carb Back Loading website and see the product


The Meal Plan

The concept of Carb Back-Loading is actually opposite to what many use when dieting. To understand it better here is the quick outline of what you should expect from it.

Concept #1: Eat your carbs in the evening.

The time your consume the carbohydrates makes a difference. During the morning eat lightly, you can skip breakfast and have a smoothie later. What’s important is to stay light on the carbs during the morning.

Lunch is slightly better, though only have a moderate one. You will be saving the carb intake for dinner. During dinner is when you eat.

Concept #2: After working out, don’t get your carbs yet.

Wait a while, but within 30 minutes after your get your workout done, start eating those carbs. This is when you want to begin to replenish your body with sustenance to help your muscles recover.

Concept #3: Workout in the late afternoon

Preferably have your workout near 5:00 in the afternoon. This lets you take advantage of the carb window that’s nearing.

Reasons Behind the Concepts

John Kiefer Carb Back LoadingThe book and plan uses the concept on eating few carbs in the morning and afternoon because it has been shown that insulin sensitivity is higher during the morning. And this tends to drop when night time comes. This means that the body’s fat cells are more receptive to glucose during these times.

Glucose is found in carbohydrates, and with the fat cells being receptive to it during the morning and noon, eating the carb meals then will stimulate more fat growth, which we want to avoid.

So instead, the book and meal plan look to take advantage of the body’s cycle to replenish your nutrients at night when insulin sensitivity is low. This means fat isn’t as receptive to the carbs during this time.

–>> Go get the Carb Back Loading Book and Program, so you can get started now


Our Carb Backloading Review

The book offers an excellent resource and is done with a lot of research. There is a lot of information and things are explained by John Kiefer. He lays things out in a very organized manner that we can read and understand easily.

You don’t often find a program where you are allowed to eat the carb heavier foods like this one. So in all it is more fun to follow since you can eat things like pizza, your favorite breads and ice cream.

At the very heart of this carb diet program is understanding when you should eat, what you should and should not eat during specific times, and how much to eat at each of the meals. So this is a somewhat scheduled meal plan or eating system to follow. However, it also provides you with the leniency many other diets don’t which is the ability to eat what you want. Often those diets will limit what and how much you can eat.

What We’d Like to Clarify

In the book, John Kiefer mentions that you are allowed to eat anything that’s carb heavy. This means any food that you want that’s made up mostly of carbohydrates is a good choice for the night meal. While this gives you a license to chomp down on all the fries, pizza and pastries you want this may not give you the best results.

Obtaining the optimal results, in terms of getting lean and losing fat, will still mean taking in better healthier carb options. For example eating brown rice instead of white rice, eating whole wheat breads instead of refined white bread, or cooking the heavy carb meal at home instead of ordering it from the restaurant.

So just because he gives you the green light, does not mean to take full advantage of it. Keeping sight of the end goal of losing fat and getting leans still have to be the priority and healthy, common sense eating and discipline is still required.

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